10 Reasons Ian’s is for Everyone

We know that people have different taste palettes. Also, we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box. When we put those two ideas together, our creativity regularly gets a healthy dose of exercise as we try to concoct new flavors and tweak existing recipes! It should be of little surprise that we focus on having a little something for every taste.

So, while maybe a certain slice doesn’t strike you as appealing, we remind you of that age-old saying, “One man’s pepperoni is another man’s Mac n’ Cheese” — or something like that.

Without further ado, here are ten reasons our pizzas (and salads, and breadsticks, and desserts, and our stores) are made with everyone in mind!

  • Gluten Free – Allergic to Gluten? We got you covered. Gluten Free pizzas are available in 12 inch variety and are made to order at any time of the day! Just come directly on up to the register (skip the line) and we’ll get it cooking for you right away!
  • Vegan – Don’t eat meat? Don’t eat dairy ? Double Check. We’ve got a whole salad bar chock full of amazing local and regional veggies, and we can also make you a vegan pizza at any time of the day – rain or shine. We use Daiya Non-Dairy cheese to give you that pizza-cheese-like-stringy-pully-gooey-goodness you want (if you want).
  • Bacon – Everyone’s favorite meat. We’ve got it on pizza. We’ve got it on the salad bar. We’ve even got it in our Bacon Cheese dipping sauce for Side-Sticks.
  • Southwest Flavor – Looking for south of the border flavor? Try our taco pizza. Try our quesadilla pizza. Try our burrito pizza. Try anything that’s made with our own recipe house-made chorizo.
  • Patio – Like soaking up some extra Vitamin D while the weather is nice? Got you covered there too! Almost all of our locations feature some sort of patio seating, and if not a patio some HUGE windows that allow for great people watching and plenty of sun.
  • Salad and Sticks – Not feeling pizza today? Try a salad, it’s ridiculously fresh and as local as we possibly can get. Add in some Side-Sticks (that’s what we call our breadsticks) with any of our homemade dipping sauces.
  • Family friendly – Got the kids for a weekend afternoon with nothing to do? Bring them down for Mac n’ Cheese… on pizza. It’s like every child’s (and grown-up-child’s) dream come true. If they’re not feeling adventurous, our ‘plain’ cheese and pepperoni slices are nothing to scoff at – and they are a dollar cheaper than the specialty slices.
  • Open late – Night owls rejoice! We’re open to (at least) 2:30am. Every. Day. Of. The. Week.
  • Quick lunch – Only have a half hour to scarf down lunch before you need to be back into the office for a meeting? ¡No problemo! We’ll get you in, fed, and out the door lickity-split, promise. Even when there seems like there is a decent line, we’re pretty skilled at keeping it moving.
  • Sweets – No meal is complete without something sweet for dessert. An Ian’s meal is no exception. We’ve got local Calliope Ice Cream by the pint as well as chocolate-y, peanut buttery, sugary Puppy Chow – yes, it’s delicious, and made for humans.
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