Calling all pizza-loving hikers

Calling All Pizza-Loving Hikers

Not the 13’er Club or the 15’er Club, but the 14’er Club.

Huh? Let us explain.

You live in Colorado for crying out loud; it’s impossible to ignore those giant land masses extending tens of thousands of feet into the sky often covered with snow. At Ian’s Pizza, we want to recognize those pizza-loving hikers who have the guts (and the lungs) to summit these incredible mountains with peaks at 14,000 feet above sea level. That’s like stacking 2,000 Shaquille O’Neals on top of one another. Woah. We understand this is no easy feat, so we want to reward you for climbing these mountains in Ian’s Pizza style.

With the snow finally melting off any of the given 53 mountains in the 14’er Club, it’s time to get to work. Yes yes, we know, you’ve been waiting all year for another shot at the 14’er Club. The rules for joining this exclusive club are pretty simple.

  1. Summit the 14’er mountain of your choice by foot! Don’t even think about driving to the top; cheaters never win!
  2. Snap your best selfie at the top with an Ian’s Pizza logo. This can come from a pizza box, sticker, shirt, tattoo, etc.
  3. Post the picture to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the name of the mountain and the date. Don’t forget to tag us @iansdenver so we see it!
  4. Stop in the store, prove yourself and get two free pizza slices of your choice. Boom. That simple.

Summit the mountain. Get free pizza.

Complete these steps and you’ll not only peak (pun intended), but you’ll join our wall of fame as well. Yes, it’s a literal wall of 42 other 14’er members’ pictures that decorate our store walls. We don’t know about you, but seeing your face plastered on the wall every time you step foot into Ian’s Pizza seems pretty priceless. Not to mention a lifetime of bragging rights to share with your jealous friends and family.

Now for the fine print.

Regardless of the low-key fame or lifetime of bragging rights that accompany your successful trek, the Pals of Ian’s Pizza take no responsibility for any mishaps that occur during the quest for fame and greatness. Please be careful when climbing above the tree line, as this is an inherently dangerous practice. Paying customers aside, we like you as people, too!

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