New Vegan Pizzas

2017: Year of the Vegan

A New Year with Vegan Pizza!

Here at Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee we are gearing up for the new year with some amazing changes to our vegan pizza menu. We have been overwhelmed by the growing number of vegan customers coming into our stores over the last few years and we want to thank all of you for the support and for the suggestions. We really appreciate it! Starting with the new year, we are adding some new vegan pizzas to our signature menu and also adding vegan slice days. With all of these awesome additions to our menu we are naming 2017 “The Year of the Vegan.”


Split between our two Milwaukee locations, vegan slices will now be available 7 days a week!!! During vegan slices days we will have a variety of vegan pizza slices ready to go in our pizza window. Our new vegan slice days are as follows:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at our North Ave location.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at our Juneau Ave location.


Our food managers have been working hard to come up some amazing new vegan pizzas to add to the menu as well. We have also updated some of our existing vegan recipes, adding new ingredients to our signature pizzas — which are also available for build-your-own vegan creations. Our new vegan Alfredo is a welcome addition to our ingredient list. This is a homemade vegan Alfredo and it is packed with flavor! You can try our new vegan Alfredo on our Vegan Penne Alfredo with your choice of chicken, sausage, or portobello mushrooms or use it as a base for your own vegan pizza. Another new exciting addition to our menu is the brand new Vegan Gyro pizza! This new pizza will feature a vegan gyro meat, homemade Tzatziki sauce, diced tomatoes, and shaved onions This is soon to become one of your new favorites. Here is a full list of our signature vegan pizzas for this year:

          • Mac n’ Cheese
          • Smokey the Bandit
          • HurleyXVX
          • Sh-Bam
          • Taco Pizza (Spicy Chicken or Chorizo)
          • BBQ Chicken Pineapple**
          • Philly Cheese Steak**
          • Penne Alfredo (Grilled Chicken, Sausage, or Portobello)**
          • Macadilla Killa
          • Chicken Pesto
          • Chorizo Sweet Potato
          • Gyro**

**Denotes new pizza added to menu.



All of our vegan slices feature Daiya dairy-free cheese shreds. You can choose from either Mozzarella Style, Cheddar Style Shred, or both! Through vigorous taste tests with competitors we found that Daiya is amazing with our pizza dough and complements the flavors of our ingredients. Our vegan sauces are super delicious and are house-made in our Commissary kitchen. The vegan pesto, Alfredo, creme, and ranch are our own recipes and can’t be found anywhere else. Vegan chicken is provided by Beyond Meat and contain no Cholesterol, Antibiotics, Saturated fats, or gluten. We will now also be marinating our vegan chicken for both our bbq and spicy chicken to bring more flavor to these pies! Our vegan sausage and chorizo are provided by Upton’s Naturals and are a tasty, Seitan based meat alternative.

One of our goals of 2016 was to conduct more research into our vegan products and cost. Being vegan you probably understand that vegan alternatives are almost always more expensive. Vegan cheese and meat alternatives are significantly more expensive for us than their non-vegan counterparts. You will notice on our new menu that some of our prices have changed with the new year. Some pizza have decreased in price while others have gone up. Also, vegan slices will now be $5. We know that this might make you want to scream and flip over your table Hulk-style, but trust us, the new additions to our vegan menu will more than make up for the small increase in price.

We are super excited for all of you to come in and try our new vegan pizzas. Cheers to 2017, The Year of the Vegan!

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