A Quest for Knowledge

In a pizza company, the staff is represented by two separate, yet equally important, groups. The employees who provide the food and service, and then the leaders who guide the vision of the restaurant. These are their stories…

Not only are we hungry for pizza, but we are hungry for knowledge. We recently sent a group of faithful leaders from Ian’s Pizza to participate in a leadership seminar with the training branch of Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Also known for their crave-able food and stellar service, we knew our leaders would succeed in their quest for knowledge and vision.

Three leaders from Madison, two from Milwaukee, and the head of our franchise service department participated, spending two days learning new skills, learning to implement positive changes, and eating seriously good food.  And lucky for us, what happens in Ann Arbor does not stay in Ann Arbor.

On the seven hour ride back from the seminar (while dodging potholes rivaling the Grand Canyon) the group had a chance to discuss what they took away from the seminar. They recognized how important it is to have a vision, whether personal or business-related. The group left newly committed to ensuring that Ian’s never becomes stagnant and is always on the hunt for ways to improve.

Servant Leadership is a guiding principle at Ian’s Pizza. A great Servant Leader is there to serve their employees and the business, not the other way around. At Ian’s our leaders are here to inspire, give great service to staff and customers, and to teach. All day, every day.

In the end, the group realized that giving our customers the best damn service and pizza we can requires great leadership.

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