Amber and Tiana


Tiana Elliott and Amber Deltgen


Tiana – Inver Grove Heights, MN

Amber – DeForest, WI

Favorite Slice:

Tiana – Penne Marinara. Pizza and pasta, aka my two fav foods!

Amber – Chicken Pot Pie!!



What are you studying/favorite classes?:

Tiana – Sociology and GWS. Favorite class is Dance or the sports classes when they were available

Amber – I’m studying accounting, and I love math classes.

Where do you work?:

Tiana – I’m a catrón for the Union. A Southie, to be more specific.

Amber – I work for the UW Service Center

Anything else that you are involved within the community?:

Tiana -
 Students Today Leaders Forever and VETS

Amber – I play club hockey for Madison and am the Treasurer for the American Red Cross

Fav. hobbies, activities, rec sports, etc.:

Tiana – I enjoy long walks to Picnic Point, exploring parts of Madison I’m least familiar with, hanging out on the terrace, and playing puck at Tenney.

Amber – Hockey, running, watching sports, and going to concerts!

Unique talents?:

Tiana – I can make a killer chainsaw noise, and I can whistle two different ways!

Amber – I can say the alphabet backwards!

Why you love Ian’s/favorite Ian’s stories:

Tiana – Because Ian’s is bae. I don’t really have a fav story, but waving at randos when you sit by the window can be pretty hilarious.

Amber –  Tee (Tiana my roommate/best friend/other winner) loves Ian’s more than anyone I know. Whenever she wants to come here all I have to do is leave my house, walk 2 minutes tops and we are here! Great roommate bonding!

What makes you the best Ian’s fanatic?:

We dressed up as pizza for Halloween and everyone loved our costumes! I was a pepperoni pizza.

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