An Ian’s Soul

(The following is a letter from Ian’s Denver’s PR/Marketing Director, Travis.)

My name is Travis and I have had a very enlightening first two years at Ian’s. When I first started to work at Ian’s as a professional delivery driver, I had a feeling that this particular company was different. Several weeks went by and I still couldn’t put my finger on it. Then, I went into a coffee shop one day and happened to be wearing my Ian’s staff shirt. The coffee distribution representative that I was ordering from noticed the shirt and asked if I worked at Ian’s. When I responded with the affirmative, he told me, “The coffee is on the house, I love you guys.”

That’s when I realized what struck me with such a positive chord at Ian’s. Working here, I could feel the love and support of the community surrounding us. And I vowed, as an employee, to do everything I could to reflect that love back out.

Later in my time with the Milwaukee Ian’s, I became a cook (or dough spinning and topping application official). This is where I figured out the secret of Ian’s, a secret that I’m about to share for the first time with all of you. When cooks get trained to hand-toss a dough, we start by flattening and shaping the dough ball on the surface of the make table.

What nobody realizes is that we are doing more then sprinkling cornmeal and flour. We are actually pressing the all-encompassing love, compassion, and understanding of the entire universe into our dough. It was a technique pioneered by Ian himself and handed down to only the most trusted members of the crew. It can be subtly tasted in every one of our slices and as we move to Denver, I wanted to expose this secret and put all this information on the table.

I’m very excited about moving to Denver because it will give us the chance to become involved with another very exhilarating and progressive community. As Marketing Manager, I consider it crucial to prove our good intentions to add to the culture and social scene of Denver. We will do this through sharing what we have to offer; delicious pizza with love-filled dough and a great group of interesting people.

The beautiful thing about pizza is that it’s made to share. It would be uncomfortable to eat an entire pizza, but with a few friends, it becomes a much more possible feat. We are going to come into Denver with a lot of pizza, so it becomes my job to find friends that can enjoy it with us.

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