Try our August Pizza Specials!

Check out the August specials at your favorite Ian's location below or look for your dream pizza in our Signature menu.

Seattle August Specials

Drunken Ravioli


Denver August Specials

Seattle Dawg

Greetings from the PNW! Cream cheese and mozzarella cheese are topped with hot dogs, caramelized onions and jalapeños. Finished with light mozzarella cheese and parsley.  Availability in Denver: 7/30-8/5

Eggplant Pesto Bleus

The type of blues you want to have. A base of pesto topped with mozzarella cheese, crispy fried eggplant, and a drizzle of marinara. Topped with crumbly bleu cheese.  Availability in Denver: 8/6-8/12


Who doesn’t love a good acronym, especially when there’s food involved?Black beans and light mozzarella cheese topped with feta, avocado and tomatoes. Simple and delicious.Availability in Denver: 8/13-8/19

Mongolian Beef

Mozzarella cheese, sesame-ginger creme, and broccoli. Finished with Mongolian beef and scallion mix, brown sauce, and sesame seeds. Chinese takeout who?  Availability in Denver: 8/20-8/26

Sloppy Joe

Tangy, savory perfection. A base of sloppy Joe meat and mozzarella cheese topped with pickles, light cheddar, pickles and red onion. Availability in Denver: 8/27-9/2

Drunken Ravioli

Minnesota Hotdish

Spinach Artichoke

Wisconsin Monthly Specials

Tex-Mex Veg

Going south of the border for inspiration on this one. A base of salsa verde and pepper jack cheese topped with southwest-seasoned vegetables. The slice is finished with diced tomato, cilantro and queso fresco. Availability: Madison: 8/5-8/9, Milwaukee: 8/6-8/12

Zesty Garden Veggie

Perfect for those resolved to eat more veggies. We use a base of zesty marinara sauce and top it with fresh kale, cauliflower, grilled onions, tomatoes and a sprinkle of parm for good measure.  Availability: Madison: Madison: 8/12-8/16, Milwaukee: 8/13-8/19

Elotes (Mexican Street Corn)

A base of buttery corn and mozzarella cheese. (Are you sold yet?) Finished with elotes crema, cojita cheese chili powder, and cilantro. Like from the state fair, but better.. Availability: Madison: 8/19-8/23, Milwaukee: 8/20-8/26


Ratatouille mix serves as the base, topped with light mozzarella, and light parmesan. Finished with chopped parsley. Remy would be proud. Availability: Madison: 8/26-8/30, Milwaukee: 8/27-9/2

Eggplant Pesto

Hot Italian Beef

Fresh Tomato Basil Mozzarella (aka: FMTB)

The delayed harvest of tomatoes this year has caused a delay in our serving the FMTB. Look for it in-store later in August or check FB for specials updates

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