Behind the Slice: Weekly Specials of Ian’s Denver

We’re Not Holding Back

There has been a lot of buzz about all the crazy new slices at Ian’s Denver lately and with good reason. For the past few months, we have tasked ourselves to roll out a new limited-edition slice every week. Our goal is to make the best pizza in Denver even better!

Say Goodbye to Boring Slices

These weekly specials will be more imaginative — with more unusual ingredients — than our normal menu. So far, specials have ranged from the French Toast slice, to the Garlic Shrimp and Asparagus slice, to the Jalapeño Popper slice.  It’s been fun figuring out where to source offbeat ingredients. We also get to taste-test new flavor profiles, and figure out how to execute the recipes on a pizza.  

Say Hello to New Ingredients

We love our local food purveyors and these weekly specials allow us to really explore what they offer. We use Polidori’s kielbasa for the Kielbasa Mac n’ Cheese, and their breakfast sausage for the Biscuits and Gravy slice. Tenderbelly gave us excellent pork shoulders to slow-cook for the Cubano slice and the Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork slice. The Jambalaya slice has garnered the most positive feedback so far, but Chicken Parmesan was a close second.

Kitchen Creativity is a Win-Win

Not only is this great for you, the eaters of all this pizza, but for us too. The weekly slices give our food masterminds an outlet for their creativity and lets us push our limits. (We are very happy to say that all the experiments have turned out well so far, fingers crossed!) They taste good, they look good, and they are so far-out that lots of times customers do a double-take when they see them.

What’s Next? Who Knows!

As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue to push the culinary envelope.  We can’t confirm anything, but I’ve heard rumors of beer-infused dough. Maybe in time for some Great American Beer Fest-inspired weekly specials? Stay tuned!

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