Best Pizza of 2016

We know you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, isn’t all Ian’s Pizza the Best Pizza of 2016?”

Well, we’re going on the record to say Yes and No.

We’re sure you know the drill about how the ‘specials’ part of our menu works, but in case you need a refresher, here’s the schtick. Every week we have a different weekly special, and these are the pizzas we get a little crazy with. We tend to push the boundaries with these pizzas. If there is something we’ve always wanted to try, we use these weekly specials to give it a test run.

Shrimp on pizza? Yes! Elaborate burgers from our favorite local burger joints? Yes! Curry, Chimichurri, and Jerk sauce? Yes, yes, YES!

Some are HUGE successes, some are not.

The successes we take a closer look at and develop even further — if we like the results, they move to our Monthly Specials list. Pizzas like the Gyro, Thanksgiving Pizza, and the Chicago Dog are all examples of weekly specials that saw such an overwhelmingly positive response from customers and staff that they moved from the Weekly Specials to the Monthly Specials list.

Last year we thought we’d try something new – and in the spirit of innovation, creativity and out of respect for you, our beloved customers, we decided to let you pick your favorite weekly specials! We got some great feedback so we all agreed that we should make this an annual event. AND, this year we decided to reward one of you with a pizza party for taking the time to vote for your favorite special!

So here’s the deal…

We’ve picked out the top 10 pizza specials from 2016 that got the most positive feedback from customers and staff. Of these 10 we’re going to pick 5 to use as our December monthly specials. These will be the “Best of the Best 2016”.

Here’s where you come in. You have the palate that is developed – that we trust. We would like you to pick your favorites from the 10. Pick 1, pick 5, pick 9, it doesn’t matter to us, but the specials with the top 5 votes will be the ones that are going to be featured in December as the Best Pizza of 2016.

How do you vote, you ask?

Just click on the link below  and it will take you to a simple form to fill. Voting will end on November 18, then we’ll tally the results and announce the Best Pizza winners throughout the month of December. Simple enough, right? Great! Now get voting!

Click Here to Vote for the Best of 2016!

Below are descriptions of the pizzas we are going to feature, in no particular order…

Jerk Chicken – We marinate chicken breast in a spicy Jamaican Jerk sauce, then grill it and add coconut rice, beans, and pineapple. Like a trip to the islands for $4.

Curry Veg – Loads of delicious farm-fresh vegetables stir-fried and tossed in a spicy coconut milk-curry sauce.

Chimichurri Flank – Chimichurri-marinated grilled flank steak with sautéed peppers and onions, sauced with more delicious chimichurri sauce to finish.

Hungry Hungry Hippie – Our in-house hummus topped with mozzarella, balsamic grilled portobello mushrooms, grilled balsamic onions, roasted artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and feta. Don’t miss this always-anticipated fan favorite!

Italian Beef Sandwich – Provolone and creme base with sliced Italian beef, spicy Giardiniera, and more provolone.

Mongolian Beef – A base of cheese and sesame-ginger creme topped with stir-fried steak and scallions in a savory and spicy brown sauce.

Penne Bolognese – Base of meaty house-made bolognese sauce and penne pasta topped with mozzarella and parmesan. Just like grandma used to make, if your Italian grandmother worked at Ian’s.

Crab Rangoon – A cream cheese and crab layer gets topped with crispy wonton strips, green onion, and sweet and sour sauce. Finally, a Crab Rangoon that’s not one bite of crab, 6 bites of wonton!

Jalapeño Popper – Everyone’s favorite appetizer is now a slice! Pepper jack cheese with crunchy tater tots, fresh jalapeño rings, and cheddar atop a spicy jalapeño cream cheese base. 

Garlic Shrimp – First, we marinate large shrimp in lemon juice, basil, and tons of garlic. Then we sauté them and set atop a roasted garlic creme base. It all gets finished with tomatoes, fresh herbs, and parmesan.

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