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Let Ian’s Pizza Cater to You!

Do you want a surefire way to make your next celebration a success? Look no further than Ian’s Pizza for your event catering in Madison! That’s right, your favorite local pizza place will also gladly provide the means for you to host a pizza party of your own. No matter the occasion – graduation party, retirement party, weddings, birthday party – ask and you shall receive! Plus, you aren’t limited to solely our pizza. Maybe we’re biased, but we have some pretty stellar non-pizza items on our menu as well, including fresh salads made with local ingredients, refreshing drinks and sweet desserts. Here’s some information to get you started.

Flexibility is Key

Like most things in life, going with the flow is the name of the game. Do you solely want pizza? No problem. Want to toss in a salad or two? Sounds good to us! We offer three different catering options as well as a la carte options to suit your needs. Here’s how each menu breaks down:

Option 1: A Piece-a-Pie
Choose up to four varieties from our beloved Signature Menu. ($10/person)

Option 2: Pie There!
Choose up to five varieties from our Signature Menu. Plus, Ian’s Side Sticks and Dipping Sauces plus an Ian’s House Side Salad. ($14/person)

Option 3: Fully Satis-Pied
Choose up to five varieties from our Signature Menu, Ian’s Side Sticks with Dipping Sauces, Ian’s Signature Salad with your choice of Salad and Dressing. Plus, a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and a Calliope Signature Sundae. ($20/person)

If you want to choose from some of our Primo Pies in any of our options, there will be an additional charge of $1 per person per Premium Pie.
A La Carte Options:
Side Sticks – $1.50/person
Side Salad – $2.50/person
Beverages – $2.00/person
Puppy Chow – $1.50/person
Calliope Signature Sundae – $3.00/person

When Is Ian’s Pizza Catering in Madison Ideal?

The better question is, when is Ian’s Pizza Catering not ideal? Weddings, graduation parties, retirement parties, baby showers. You name it, if you’re looking for catering in Madison – we’ll be there! If you have questions or special requests, feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].

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