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Big things are happening at Ian’s Pizza this year. We know our past merchandise has made a splash (we’re looking at you “Better Than a Booty Call” and “Pizza Prince” stickers!). But we wanted to revamp our merchandise and take it to the next level. Of course you can buy standard items like an Ian’s Pizza t-shirt, but we have options that go beyond the standard as well.


Maybe we’re biased, but Ian’s Pizza represents so much more than your favorite local pizza joint. Maybe to you it represents a company that is willing to give back to the community and make delicious food in the most ethical way possible. Or maybe it represents a late-night indulgence with your closest friends during your last weekend of college. Even if you take Ian’s Pizza at face value, at the very least we want to be celebrated as a spunky, unique, sassy, fun-loving company. And we think our newest merchandise does just that. We can’t wait to see how you rock it!


  1. The Space Pin

This pin is out of this world! (Sorry, we had to). But in all seriousness, this is a pretty dope pin. Inspired by a mural at our Ian’s Pizza Seattle location, this pin is the perfect addition to your denim jacket, backpack, collar, hat, belt, purse, etc. Even attach it to your dog’s collar for all we care. All we know is all the ~cool kids~ are wearing pins these days so we wanted to get in on the action. These pins will cost you $10 a pop and come in two colors: greyed out and in color.

  1. Baby Got Mac Bib

Oh. My. God. Becky. Look. At. Her. Bib. That’s what everyone will be saying when they see your kid, niece or nephew, younger sibling or kid you babysit rocking a new Ian’s Pizza bib. 10/10 expecting mothers would approve so stock up before you attend your next baby shower. Even Sir Mix-A-Lot would be jealous. The bib literally reads “baby got mac” so you’re definitely setting this kid up for success and teaching them an important food group early on in life. These are 100% cotton and soft as a baby’s bottom, plus they’re only $10. Such a steal!

  1. Smokey the Bandit Grassroots Hat

Okay Smokey the Bandit loyalists. Here’s your time to shine. We understand this is one of our most beloved slice flavors and we wanted to give you guys something to wear loud and proud. But if you haven’t tried Smokey the Bandit yet, don’t worry, you can still wear this hat. We recommend wearing this ~sweet~ hat while simultaneously eating a slice of Smokey the Bandit pizza for optimal effect. An ideal gift for a loved one or yourself – we don’t judge. This’ll cost you $40/hat and trust us, it’s well-worth every penny.

  1. Logo Thermos

Would we even be a trendy company if we didn’t slap our logo on a thermos and sell it to our customers? We think not, hence this new piece of merchandise. This baby is great for carrying your favorite hot beverage everywhere you go! Ship one to your bestie across the country or bring it to all your classes to make the popular kids jealous. Even our employees like this thermos so we think you will too, especially for only $15.

  1. Oversized Coasters

A little slice of Ian’s Pizza wherever you move next. These oversized handmade coasters sport our logo and make the perfect gift for friends and family who just can’t get enough of Ian’s. We especially recommend sending these to someone who doesn’t have regular access to the gloriousness that is Ian’s Pizza (tragic, we know). These are $8/each and will last a lifetime.

The best part? This isn’t all the merch we have to offer. Head to your nearest Ian’s Pizza location or visit our website to get decked out from H to T and rep your new merchandise loud and proud! Click here to check out all this and more at our online store!


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