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Do you know anyone who’s smart, motivated, loves food, and likes people? (This may even be you!) Ian’s Pizza is always looking for hard-working folks to join our team at every single position at the restaurant, from newbie front-of-house to seasoned upper management, from veggie-loving prep cooks to muscular pizza cooks, from fast (but safe!) delivery drivers to fast (but safe!) pizza slingers… We need ‘em all!

Ian’s has been in business for almost 13 years and is now comprised of five pizza restaurants and three spin-off sister companies, with more growth in the works. Almost every owner of every business started off as an Ian’s employee, so if being an entrepreneur is your thing, we’d love to talk. If you are just looking for a good paying, interesting job to get you through the next couple years, we’d love to talk to you, too.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Twice-yearly bonus pools based on profit
  • 100%-paid health care for full-time employees
  • 401k retirement plan with match
  • A company that strives to live by its values
  • The chance for you to define your own success
  • No uniforms to wear
  • Pizza!

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