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Delivery of the Goods

Ian’s Pizza delivery now available anywhere in Seattle through uberEATS!

Have you been dying to try Mac and Cheese pizza, but are bound to Shoreline or Beacon Hill? Too tired to leave the house but craving some ‘za or salads? Perhaps you’ve let laundry get out of hand and you don’t have the clothes to go outside…we don’t judge–we accommodate! Ian’s Pizza on the Hill is one Capitol Hill restaurant that’s excited to say that we have partnered with uberEATS for delivery of our delicious pizza, salads, side-sticks, and drinks anywhere in Seattle!

What You Need to Do

Here’s how to get our pizza into your home without the hassle of leaving (aka: Delivery):

  1. Download the uberEATS app through your uber app on your smartphone.  Click the fork and knife icon at the top of your screen, or go through your phone’s app store and search uberEATs.
  2. You now have an account. Scroll through your options and look for Ian’s Pizza on the Hill (you’ll see the image of our Mac n’ Cheese, shining through like gold!). Place your order like a champ
  3. We receive the order and immediately start slingin’ your dough. Within 20 minutes (give or take a few),  your personal pizza courier will be headed to your home, favorite park bench–WHEREVER–to satisfy your deepest, pizza-filled desires.
  4. Need help? Call us at (206)-659-4721, and one of our Pizza-nauts will help you through the process. Don’t have a smartphone? Get with it!
Go forth, deliver the word–Ian’s and uber will deliver the rest!
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