Dessert with an Impact!

You might have noticed that we like to shake things up here at Ian’s. Doing what everyone else is doing is not exactly our style. Thinking outside of the box with our food, business practices, and people is what gets us excited. So excited that if we had tails they’d be wagging faster than Lassie running to save little Timmy from a burning barn.

A few years back we were thinking it was time for a new dessert option and our friends at Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee were working on a Puppy Chow recipe that was receiving rave reviews from their customers, so we thought we’d give it a try. By golly it was a huge hit!

(If you’re not familiar with Puppy Chow you might be confused right now… Seriously, we get that A LOT but our Puppy Chow is actually a delicious treat made with peanut butter, chocolate, Chex cereal, and powdered sugar, whipped together from scratch at our off-site kitchen that we call “The Food Lab.”)

One of the core values at Ian’s Pizza is being a force of good in the community so once we added Puppy Chow to the menu it only made sense to start a partnership with the Dane County Humane Society. We decided that a portion from each bag sold would go back to the shelter. We also launched a Puppy of the Month program where we’d help promote a new dog each month in hopes to bring more awareness to their efforts!

2015 came and went and we sold more Puppy Chow than ever before. Everyone was thrilled because we knew that not only were people enjoying their dessert but the more Puppy Chow we sold, the more we’re able to give to our friends at DCHS. In fact, we just presented them a check for $1,750! We know the money will be put to good use and will help ensure that they can continue to rescue, care for, and find loving homes for thousands of animals each year.

So there you have it! Next time you’re having lunch or dinner check out the Puppy Chow – it’s mighty tasty AND you can feel good knowing that your purchase is helping animals in need.

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