Donation Night at North Ave

Donation Night at North Ave


Dough-Nations, Donation Night!

Since the very beginning, Ian’s Pizza has been motivated to support and give back to the community. Because of this, over time we’ve donated thousands of pizzas, given a plethora of Free Slice Cards, and sponsored hundreds of events in Milwaukee, Madison, Denver, and Seattle. Giving back is one of the most rewarding ways we hit our core value of being a force of good in our communities.

So to take that goal one step further, we’re launching the Ian’s Pizza Donation Night Fundraisers! Our North Ave location will partner with local non-profits and student orgs, giving them a chance to raise some ‘dough’ for their respective group — all while everyone gets to enjoy fresh, local, and delicious pizza and salad from yours truly!

It goes like this…

Complete the form below at least three weeks in advance with information about your group (earlier is even better because the more people you bring, the higher percentage you’ll get). We’ll work directly with your organization to design a flyer that will promote your ‘Dough-Nation’ night. Once the flyer is approved, your group will be able to print and circulate it to your contacts and peers prior to the event. It’s important that the flyers are brought back into the store so we can properly track the sales and the number of people that came in for your event. (For this reason, flyers are not allowed to be passed out in or around the restaurant during the event.)

The number of flyers presented with orders during the donation night will determine the percentage donated. The more people and sales you bring in – the more “dough” for your group.

Check out the donation scale below:

1-15 flyers = 5% of your total group sales

16-30 flyers = 10% of your total group sales

31+ flyers = 15% of your total group sales

Once the flyers and receipts are added up, we’ll notify you with the total amount and drop your check in the mail. Eating pizza for a good cause has never been so easy or so rewarding!

Submit a fundraiser application HERE

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