‘Dough-Nation’ Fundraisers in Denver!

Dough-Nation Donations!

When we opened our new Denver restaurant, we wanted to stay true to Ian’s Pizza’s original three goals. One was to make awesome pizza by the slice available almost around the clock. We also wanted provide a great environment for employees and support their growth. The third, and equally important, has been to give back to our community. Since then we’ve donated lots of pizzas and Free Slice Cards, and sponsored local events. Giving back is one of the most rewarding ways we hit our core value of being a force of good in our community.

It IS More Fun To Give Than To Receive

We’ve been involved but we knew that we could do more. So we decided to follow in Madison’s footsteps and launch Ian’s Pizza Denver ‘Dough-Nation’ Fundraisers! Each Tuesday night, we’re giving local non-profits and student orgs a chance to raise some ‘dough’ for their respective group — all while everyone gets to enjoy fresh, local, and delicious pizza and salad from yours truly!

How It Works

  1. Contact us at least three weeks in advance with information about your group. Earlier is even better because the more people you bring in, the higher percentage you’ll get.
  2. We’ll work directly with your organization to design a flyer that will promote your ‘Dough-Nation’ night.
  3. Once the flyer is approved, your group prints and gives it to your contacts prior to the event. It’s important that the flyers are brought back into the store so we can properly track the sales and the number of people that came in for your event. (For this reason flyers are not allowed to be passed out in or around the restaurant during the event.)

The number of flyers presented during the ‘Dough-Nation’ Night will determine the percentage donated. Check out the donation scale below:

1-15 flyers = 5%

16-30 flyers = 10%

31+ flyers = 15%

We’ll notify you after the event with the amount and drop your check in the mail. Eating pizza for good has never been so easy or so rewarding!

Here is the link to get your non-profit organization involved!

Donation Night Request

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