Name: Ezra

Hometown: Madison

Favorite Slice: Cheese!

Do you go to school here?: Yes

What school do you go to?: Randall Elementary

What are you studying/favorite classes: Social Studies/Geography

Where do you work?: I don’t work, I’m nine! 🙂

Anything else that you are involved with in the community (organizations, sports teams, hobbies, volunteer work, etc): I play in the West Madison Little League, and flag football.

Unique talents?: I know the capitals of all the states in the US, the biggest cities in the US, and the populations of most of the biggest cities in the US. I know most of the biggest cities in the world.

Why you love Ian’s/Any favorite Ian’s stories: The pizza’s amazing, and the employees are really awesome.

What makes you the best Ian’s fanatic: Pizza’s my favorite food, and Ian’s is my favorite pizza!

Anything else you’d like to share about Ian’s or yourself: I like Ian’s Pizza even better than NYC pizza.

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