Farm Fresh Pizza and Salad

Local food will always be better than food that’s grown thousands of miles away, picked too early, and artificially ripened with gases. On the other hand, we don’t have many avocado groves around here to provide us with key ingredients for our Guacamole Burrito slice.

But we do what we can – and you might be surprised at how much that is, even in a Wisconsin winter.

Our Madison restaurants have partnered with Buy Fresh, Buy Local (a project of the awesome REAP Food Group) to source local farmers who we can help us out. BFBL also helps to bring awareness of who is trying to incorporate local food by hosting various events throughout the year, like Burgers & Brew and Pie Palooza. Through our relationship with BFBL and REAP, we’ve made some amazing connections which have resulted in some of our long standing partnerships. We’re ever grateful to be involved in communities that put a high emphasis on fresh, farm to table ingredients.

Here’s a partial list of what we get and who we get it from (we try to keep this list as up to date as possible, please forgive us if we are forgetting anyone):

Organic Valley

We get single-serving milk from Organic Valley. From a beginning of seven farmers who banded together in 1988, today they number over 1200 organic family farms who produce organic milk, organic cheese, organic butter, organic eggs, organic juice, organic soy beverages, organic produce, and organic meats. Wow. Watch out for those farmers when they get together; who knew they were such revolutionaries?
Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative
One Organic Way
La Farge, WI 54639
888.444.6455 x3444

New Century Farms

Organic egg producers Dean and Mary Dickel have been farming since 1998, raising chickens on their farm of roughly 317 acres. Large, open barns house thousands of layer hens, which are all home-raised onsite from birth. They are fed a varied menu of soy, corn, and calcium rich feed, all aimed to improve the taste of the egg. All the hard-boiled eggs on our Madison salad bars come from New Century Farms in Schullsberg, halfway between Monroe & Dubuque.

Shooting Star Farm

Shooting Star Farm is a 3-acre certified organic mixed vegetable farm located near Mineral Point. Farmers Rink DaVee & Jenny Bonde specialize in salad greens, lettuces, and unusual tomatoes, but grow a bit of everything. We use their mixed greens on our salad bar in the summer, and take whatever else they’ll give us too!
Shooting Star Farm
6970 McNeill Rd.
Mineral Point, WI 53565

Anderson’s Maple Syrup

Anderson’s Maple Syrup has been a family run and organized business for over 80 years. We use their syrup in our Maple Balsamic salad dressing, as a key ingredient in our candied pecans (on the salad bar), and anytime we need maple for our specials. And if you love maple syrup like we love maple syrup, you can adopt a Wisconsin Maple tree!
Anderson’s Maple Syrup, Inc.
2391 40th Street
Cumberland, WI 54829

Fountain Prairie Farms

We use their grass-fed, shaggy Scottish Highland beef for our beef specials, but they do so much more. They are open to tours of the farm and if you really want the full experience you can stay in one of their five guest rooms at the 100+ year old Fountain Prairie Inn.
John & Dorothy Priske
w1901 State Rd. 16
Fall River, WI 53932

Cheeseheads at Ian’s

We’re proud cheeseheads here at Ian’s and we are very proud to offer almost 100% Wisconsin Cheese. With providers stretching across the state from Southwest Wisconsin to Northern Wisconsin, we strive to buy all our products–not just cheese–from local or regional sources. Currently we feature the following varieties of Wisconsin Cheese: mozzarella, cheddar, fresh mozzarella, feta, gorgonzola, and occasionally feature swiss, gouda, and pepperjack varieties on our monthly or weekly specials. For more specific information about our cheeses please stop into our stores or shoot us an email to We are also proud to announce a partnership with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, which offers support to businesses who are committed to buying local cheeses. You can find out more about their organization at

Jordandal Farms

All of our ham comes from their pasture-raised pork — hard-working hogs who help “rototill” new garden space — and we also buy their brisket and Boston Butt. And they grow the food their animals eat! You can try their wares (beef, pork, potatoes, garlic, chicken) at the Saturday downtown Madison Farmer’s Market as well. Carrie & Eric Johnson
W7977 Sunset Rd.
Argyle, WI 53504

Keewaydin Farms

In the summer we get lots and lots of excellent produce from Keewaydin. Run by Jessica, Rufus and Jacob Haucke on the farm their parents founded, they collectively felt organic agriculture was the right farming choice for them. Today farming continues on the original Haucke family farm with Star Maule and Rufus Haucke operating an organic dairy as well as a 100 member CSA garden and wholesaling fresh market vegetables from 20 acres of production.
15270 Haucke Lane
Viola, WI 54664

Edible Oasis

Edible Oasis is located in the Town of Dunn near Madison, WI. It is a “backyard farm”. The founders Shawn and Courtney (cousins of the Milwaukee Ian’s Pizza Cluster Managing Partner, Lexy) wanted to create healthy living for their family and decided to expand after hearing from others who feel the same way. They were sick of getting food trucked in from who knows where, only to find that the produce they were getting was not fresh, and didn’t taste as good as the produce they could grow themselves. They use all organic fertilizers and do not use any pesticides or herbicides on their plants. This is why their produce tastes so sweet and fresh, and all of it is ready to eat straight from the plant! They use home compost as well as food scraps from Ian’s to fertilize their garden. They are hoping to get some chickens in the future to provide fresh eggs as well as provide more fertilizer. They currently provide Ian’s cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Big Beefsteak tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet peppers, medium peppers, and hot peppers. They will be providing squash as well in the fall. All of their produce is home-grown as well as hand-picked fresh for you!

Sweet Water Organics

Sweet Water Organics is an urban farm located in the Bay View area of Milwaukee. Sweet Water has repurposed unused industrial building space, using aquaponics to sustainably grow fresh, safe produce and fish for Milwaukee residents, restaurants, and groceries. We use fresh vegetables (lettuce, sprouts, basil, etc.) grown at Sweet Water Organics in our salad bar daily. Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee loves to support this revolutionary urban farm. Sweet Water Organics provides us with awesome, local products for our salad bar and pizzas!
2151 S Robinson
Milwaukee, WI 53207
Ph: 414.489.0425

In addition to our usual lineup, we’ll be prowling the Dane County Farmer’s Market and Milwaukee area Farmers’ Markets each week, visiting the new local vendors to see what else is out there that we could possibly put on a slice or a salad.

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