February Specials

Check out the February specials at your favorite Ian's location below or look for your dream pizza in our Signature menu.

Seattle February Specials

Italian Meat Sandwich

Bacon Cheeseburger

Denver February Specials

Street Taco

Mozzarella cheese and crema are the perfect base for corn tortillas, carnitas, cilantro lime & onion mix and chipotle salsa.
Denver: 2/5-2/11

Fried Green Tomato

Cream, mozzarella cheese, fried green tomatoes, and remoulade sauce. Topped with sliced avocados. 
Denver: 2/12-2/18

Chicken n' Waffles

Mozzarella cheese, light creme, fried chicken, green chile waffles, and a warm jalapeño syrup.  Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.
Denver: 2/19-2/25

Taco Dip

Everyone’s favorite party snack in pizza form. Mozzarella cheese, taco cream cheese mixture, cheddar cheese, black olives, diced tomatoes, green onions, and romaine lettuce. 
Denver: 2/26-3/1


Green Chile Cornbread


Wisconsin Weekly & Monthly Specials

Smoked Brisket Poutine

A base of mozzarella and creme topped with crispy french fries, smoked brisket, gravy and Farmer John's cheese curds. We're giving the Canadians a run for their money.
Availability: Madison: 2/4-2/8, Milwaukee: 2/5-2/11

Smoked Corn & Bacon Chowder

Wisconsinites like cheese, right? Diced potatoes, smoked corn and yep, bacon sit atop a base of smoked provolone and a decadent chowder sauce. Mmm.
Availability: Madison: 2/11-2/15, Milwaukee: 2/12-2/18

Winter Harvest

A base of butternut squash and sweet potato puree topped with sauteed kale, balsamic-marinated tomato, and toasted walnuts. Finished with tangy blue cheese.
Availability: Madison: 2/18-2/22, Milwaukee: 2/19-2/25

Mongolian Beef

Try this Ian's Pizza Fan Favorite. Sesame ginger creme and mozzarella is the perfect base for beef, mozzarella, green onion, and broccoli. Finished with Mongolian sauce and sesame seeds.
Availability: Madison: 2/25-3/1, Milwaukee: 2/26-3/2

Baked Penne [v]

Veggie Curry [v]

Italian Meat Sandwich


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