Food Values

Our Food Values

There are a lot of good pizza places out there, and each one is good for different reasons. We want to be your favorite, but let’s face it: you may like someone else more than us. And that’s okay. Favorite or not, we’d like to tell you about our Food Values. Here are some reasons why you can feel good about your next slice of Ian’s Pizza.  

Food Values are Community Values

We believe BALANCE is key to being a business that adds communal value. A ton of effort goes into making well-informed decisions about everything on our menu. Reducing ingredient lists, responsible meat processing, & a commitment to many things “homemade”, are just a few examples which are embraced at all Ian’s Pizza locations. We welcome suggestions from customers and staff as we strive to consider as many options as possible. We are constantly looking to improve the way we source, process, prepare, and serve our food.  

This is no easy task as we begin to operate in very different geographic regions. But, for you, the customer, prioritizing our food values is a challenge we gladly take on. 

Unfortunately, it’s simply not feasible to purchase 100% clean, locally grown food. That would mean raising prices or making cuts to our staff pay and benefits. These are sacrifices we just aren’t willing to make. Although pizza is our passion, people are our purpose.

Good People = Good Food

Speaking of people, all our food is made by hand by people who care enough to go through months and years of training. As you can imagine, this training takes a great deal of energy, effort and dedication. During this process, it’s impossible to avoid mistakes. We’d like to apologize in advance if every visit isn’t perfect. Our business would be much simpler if we took the skill out of what we do and automated everything, but we don’t put robots first.  We put people first — people who love good pizza.

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