Freakfest 2015!

We are excited to announce that Ian’s is now an official sponsor of one of the biggest Halloween festivals in the United States. Here’s a clue: it’s been happening for about 10 years and it brings out the biggest freaks across the country. Aw yeah, you know what we’re talking about -- Freakfest! As people who can appreciate late-night shenanigans, when we were presented with an opportunity to be involved we knew it was a perfect match. We partnered with WSUM to take over the stage located between Urban Outfitters and Potbelly in the 500 block of State Street. The O’My's, Crashprez, Me eN You, Sincere Life, Chris Labella, and Trap Saturn will all be bands rocking our stage. What, you say you’re unaware of these musicians? Not for much longer. Here’s a short rundown of each band: The O’My's - A rising group straight out of Chicago. They have an array of instruments and represent Chicago’s streets through their music. CRASHprez - This band released their most recent album earlier this year. They have a slow instrumental sound overlaid with gritty lyrics to create a totally unique mood. Me eN You - “A band that everyone in the world is in,” they say. They play with different instruments, each song bringing something new. Along with switching instruments, their lyrical sections start fast and then dive right into a slow bit. Basically, their sound will keep you guessing in the best way possible! Sincere Life - Another man rooted here in Madison bringing hip-hop to the mix.  Don’t let looks deceive you; this one guy will fill the stage. Chris Labella - Emerging from Madison’s live music scene, underground producer Chris LaBella is regarded as one of the most versatile producer/performers working to define a new hip hop, one that emphasizes live performance and is laced with blues-rooted guitar riffs threaded through soulful samples and hip hop rhythms. His sound is strong, embracing funk, jazz, and grunge with equal enthusiasm. Trap Saturn - A locally-grown band whose aim is grooves that make you move. They’re bringing disco to the heart of Wisconsin and who doesn’t love that? Halloween wouldn’t be the same without ridiculous costumes, rockin’ music, and, oh yes, pizza. So whether you’re a ghost, pirate, sexy nurse, or zombie (or a ghostly bearded sexy zombie nurse) we look forward to seeing your faces ready for a good time, and ready to rock out to some music the Ian’s way. Fortunately for you (and us) Freakfest is the one place those worlds all can now collide. See y’all on the 31st!


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