Freshman Year By the Slice

In The Beginning

To all new Badgers and Badgerettes, from the staff here at Ian’s Pizza: Welcome! You made it to college. Chew on the word… Savor it… College. The next few months will be exciting, busy, challenging, and (we won’t lie) terrifying at times. Now, Ian’s is just a humble Madison restaurant, and we can’t do your Bio 101 labs or help you with your calc homework. However there are a variety of ways that Ian’s can help you survive freshman year. So get out your pens and notebooks, because these tips could be life-saving.

Pro Tip #1 — Late Nights 101

You’ve just moved into Madison and are free at last! School doesn’t start for days, so studying is surely the farthest thing from your mind. However, take it from us veteran students/Ian’s employees, the time will come when you must open a book, pen a fifteen-page essay, and, yes, even study for exams. But never fear! In these dark hours, Ian’s has your back. Pulling an all-nighter at College Library? No problem; we’re open until 2:30am every weeknight, so you can always grab some brain food. Hosting a study sesh in your dorm common room? Ian’s on State Street runs a delivery service that will bring life-giving ‘za right to your door. We’re always here to feed your success as a UW student.

Pro Tip #2 — Intro To Weekends

The weekend is what college is all about, right? We here at Ian’s will mind our own business—what you do between Friday and Monday is up to you. This is only a friendly reminder that we have two Madison restaurants and we’ll be at both Frances St and State St on Friday and Saturday nights, slinging pizza until hours your mother probably wouldn’t approve of. We also know that mornings can be rough, and Ian’s has you covered there as well. We open at 11am every day with a window full of slices, and our stores are extremely pajama-friendly. This is college, so have fun! But remember—be safe; eat pizza.

Pro Tip #3 — A Crash Course in Free Food

Ever heard the saying “starving college student”? Ian’s is doing all that we can to prevent this expression from becoming a reality at UW Madison. This, therefore, is crucial information: A list of ways to get FREE pizza on campus.

  • Go to events. During freshman welcome week alone, Ian’s is giving out free slices at Night at the Overture on 9/2, Chazen Beach Party on 9/8, and Helen C White House Party on 9/15. And this is just the start; you’ll see us around campus all year, so stay open to trying new things and new toppings!
  • Participate. Teachers and organizations on campus have been known to provide Ian’s pizza at meetings, class events, and other shindigs. You never know when you might walk into a room and be greeted by a table  full of mac n’ cheese pizza. Get involved and get fed!
  • Eat pizza, often. You love Ian’s, and we love you. We’re not afraid to give back to the people that give to us. Fill up a punch card and get every 10th slice for free, tweet on #freepizzafriday to win free slices, or sign up to be Ian’s Customer of the Month and you could get a month’s worth of free pizza.

In Summary

Take a deep breath, you got this. The year is going to go great! Just remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get Ian’s.


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