Grilling Pizza at Vitruvian Farms

Loving Local

Partnering with local farms certainly has its perks, including access to delicious, fresh produce! Our great relationships with these local farms and farmers allows us to share our needs and learn a ton about their incredible business, which results in custom, one-of-a-kind menu items that showcase these local flavors (Spoiler Alert: We're grilling pizza). Another perk is getting to know some really cool people and collaborating on some very fun projects. One of the farms that we’ve recently built a relationship with is Vitruvian Farms. Vitruvian Farms is an organic permaculture farm that focuses on growing local vegetables, produce, fruit, salad mix, and baby vegetables. Most of their food is grown and consumed within a 15-mile radius. Most of their produce is harvested, washed, and delivered in one day.  Less time between harvest and consumption = fresher, tastier ingredients and happier customers. The fine folks at Vitruvian recently invited us to their farm in McFarland, Wisconsin and let us fire up some fresh pizza using their fresh produce! (Literally, fire up the pizza.) Grilling pizza is something with which we’ve started experimenting, so when the opportunity came up to give it a go, we couldn't help ourselves. The farm was filled with friends and family from both Ian’s Pizza and Vitruvian Farms - both parties mingled while sharing cold beverages and a few laughs throughout the evening.

Grilling Pizza

The pizzas were grilled over two open fires burning in custom brick fire pits. When the lump charcoal reached the proper temperature, it was time to cook. We featured three pizzas throughout the evening and delicious is an understatement. Flavor combinations included: -Fig Ricotta, Pepper Flake, Salami -Ricotta, Pecorino, Sungold Tomato Sauce, Heirloom Tomato, Greens -Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil
After cleaning up, we ended the evening indulging in Calliope Ice Cream floats for dessert (Graham Cracker in Pellegrino Blood Orange soda or Lemon Lavender in either MobCraft Bat$h!t Crazy Coffee Brown Ale or Blackrocks Honey Lavender American Wheat Ale), a roaring bonfire, and some more feel-good conversation. It truly was a memorable evening - one that brought together two completely different groups of people with quite a few common core values and allowed both groups to showcase and share their passions.


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