Healthy Start to 2017

New Year, new you – and New Year, new Ian’s too! As many of you have likely noticed (or maybe not, if you prefer to eat pizza on Friday and Saturday nights), Ian’s on Frances Street got a beautiful remodel over winter break. Our new and improved store boasts sparkling, re-tiled walls, floors, and counters, classy new bathrooms, more accessible drinks, and – maybe our favorite change – a gorgeously expanded salad bar.

Eating healthy is, as we all know, a key to keeping up with those new-year-new-me resolutions. While it’s easy to fall off the wagon mid-January, Ian’s wants to help you stay on track throughout 2017. Choosing salad is a good first step. Frances Street continues to serve up our classic signature and build-you-own salads. Now, they’re made even better by fresh new ingredients including roasted tofu, mixed berries, roasted beets, seasoned asparagus, and crispy green beans, to name a few. Of course, we’d never encourage you to stop eating pizza! But you can always replace the second slice of Smokey with our Side House Salad or Side Caesar salad to get that ideal, balanced diet.

Now comes the hard part… exercise. As January 1st recedes in the distance, that new gym membership begins to look less and less appealing. However, Ian’s wants to help you keep the momentum going strong. We’re partnering with some of our fit friends in the Madison area to let you get moving and eat well at the same time! Check out the Ian’s class at CYC on University Avenue, at 5:45 on February 7th. (Insider tip – you’ll get a free salad just for going).

Fear your New Year’s resolutions no more! Ian’s Pizza on both Frances and State Street is here to make them easy and delicious. And while we’re all waiting to see if America is going to be great again in 2017, we can promise you that our salad certainly will be.


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