A Humble World Champion

A World Champion right here at Ian's Pizza

Have you ever dreamed of having your own trading card? What about carrying the Olympic torch? Well, Nikia Davenport - Ian's Pizza Denver employee - has done both... and lots, lots more!

He is a traveler, a cook, and a gold medalist in the World Games (not to mention his silver and bronze). This is the story of how he got there and where he is now.

When Nikia was a kid, he loved to watch T.V.  His favorite shows were some of the classics like Dukes of Hazzard and BJ and the Bear.  But he also has always loved watching football.  Although he is from Springfield, Illinois, his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. Following the NFL inspired Nikia -- so much that he ended up becoming quite the athlete himself. As he got older, he started hitting the gym, taking his training very seriously and started competing in the World Games at age 14. Although he's now interested in cycling, back in the day he focused on hitting the bench and doing deadlifts. The deadlift competition lead him to North Carolina to compete in the 1999 World Games. He didn’t medal that first year  competing but NC still ranks as his favorite place he has traveled to.   He kept training as he moved to Denver and in between competing as a World Games champ, he had several different jobs. He was a chef at Perkins, which was a lot of fun (Nikia can be quite the foodie), but his favorite job was when he was working at a homeless shelter because he likes helping people. He loves working at Ian’s Pizza Denver because he enjoys the staff,  it’s close to his house, and it's got the best pizza in Denver (according to him). He's been at Ian's almost as long as the store has been open - 2 years.   His athletic accomplishments have lead to lots of opportunities we mortals only dream of.  Nikia has met the Broncos at Mile High Stadium, carried the American flag in the Olympics, and been on the stage at Red Rocks with Widespread Panic. His proudest moment, however, was getting inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame with his mother in the audience. Through his effort and persistence, he has been able to not only meet his role models like Stevie Wonder, he has also been able to become a role model for countless youngsters aspiring to be in the World Games.   Although he has achieved so much, Nikia really enjoys the simple things. He is well known around his apartment complex and won’t hesitate to help neighbors work on their bikes or cars. He likes to cook, making a great homemade lasagna. He is proud of all of his athletic accomplishments, but he is also very proud of having a job where he can work hard and and do special things for his family.   Nikia a special type of guy. He'll reluctantly show you his Sports Hall of Fame plaque or tell you about his medals - if you ask. Most of the time, he would rather talk to you about your favorite football team, a restaurant you like, your favorite video game or your best bowling score.  He's a humble world champion who likes watching football and will always ask how your day is going.


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