Ian’s Denver 2015 Vision

Here at Ian’s, we adhere firmly to the 80/20 rule: Spend 80% of your time looking ahead, and 20% looking backwards. An important part of this strategy is taking the time each year to write and update our vision. The following is our vision for Ian’s Pizza Denver, and we want to share it with you, our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be here, and this vision is as much yours as it is ours.

Today is March 17th, 2015, and Ian’s Pizza Denver turns one year old. We opened just in time for the St. Patrick’s day parade in 2014 and it was an absolute blast. Our initial customers were amazed at our recipes and selection, and it was love at first bite from day one. Baseball started shortly thereafter, and we quickly became a must-stop destination before and after Rockies games. Our friendly staff, composed of seasoned vets and new hires, gelled quickly, and customers love to see us having fun while working hard.

As an employee-owned entity, Ian’s Denver’s staff is treated well, and earn a comfortable living. We are poised to turn a profit in 2015 and are excited to be able to offer our first employee profit-sharing bonus. Our full time employees receive excellent benefits, are proud to represent Ian’s, and some are even working towards an equity stake in the restaurant.

Our food was a smash hit from the moment we opened our doors. The ever-popular Mac n’ Cheese slice still reigns supreme as our best seller, but customers love coming in to try something unique. Imitations are popping up at other pizzerias across Denver, but there is nothing quite like ours. People notice our attention to quality and are amazed we take the time to cook and season our mushrooms, spinach, and roast our own red peppers. Several of our weekly specials have been inspired by customer suggestions, and the most popular are making it as monthly specials on our 2015 menu. People can’t get enough of our legendary ranch, but whether to go classic ranch or green chile ranch remains a fiercely debated topic among regulars. Our other dipping sauces are adored throughout Denver as well, and we can barely manage to keep Side-sticks in the window. The made to order salad bar was a little slower to gain momentum than the pizzas, but our focus on sourcing as much fresh, local produce as possible has garnered quite a bit of attention. Our partnership with Milk and Honey Farms is still going strong, and we’re excited to offer our first Salad Bar CSA menu this coming summer.

As our popularity grew throughout the summer, the delivery side of our business began to take off. Between business account lunch regulars and a steady stream of dinner and late-night calls, our drivers are barely in the store anymore. Customers are still amazed that we deliver any pizza from the menu by the slice, no matter what time it is. As in-store business slowed down during winter, delivery picked up and carried the business through the snowier months.

Looking ahead to our second year of business, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead. We’re working hard day in and day out to make sure we offer the best pizza and the friendliest service in Denver, and with a little luck, hope to earn a few awards in those categories. And although a little recognition is always nice, we don’t do this for the glory. For us, it’s all about making delicious food, creating good jobs, and making Denver just a little bit happier.

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