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A visit to Ian’s Pizza should leave each and every one of your senses vitalized. We aim to please your vision with beautiful pies, bright salads, and cool artwork. The pizza and fresh ingredients imbue our restaurants with a scent you dream they’ll make into an air freshener. Music and conversations fill your ears. Taste and touch comes from experiencing our ever-expanding options on the pizza line and salad bar. The goal is to ensure that everyone enjoys this sensory experience, and that we make it an experience you'll want to repeat, repeat, repeat. We also know that you aren’t going to be inside the restaurant as much as we are, so we need to make the most out of tools that will allow us to take the experience straight to our biggest fans.

We took a look at the most popular social media outlets and did a little audit to ensure we weren’t missing out on opportunities to communicate with each loyal Ian’s customer.

Website? - Check (www.ianspizza.com)

Facebook page? - Got it (www.facebook.com/ianspizzamadison)

Twitter? - Yep! (@IansMadison)

Instagram? - You know it!  @IansPizzaMadison

Snapchat? - Nah, that’s not for a pizza place.  Snapchat is for inappropriate stuff, we said! But then we started thinking… We have a lot of cool things to share with people and they're not inappropriate.  For example, we could send snaps of our cooks prepping dough, pulling pizzas out of the oven, and slicing them up. We host weekly Open Mic Nights - that would be cool to share.  Don’t forget about those late night rushes - might be nice to relive a drunken Friday night (although that could get inappropriate...)!  We also have  weekly, monthly, and seasonal specials that a lot of people would love to check out. We do some cool promotions and give away a lot of pizza - we know people would like that!  We grabbed the closest smartphone and set up an account (it was really, really easy)

If you’re a snapper and you love Ian’s Pizza you should add us!  If you’re a Milwaukee resident you can add us by searching the name ianspizzamke.  If you’re a Madisonian you can add us by searching the name iansmadison.  We encourage all of our fans to send us some Snapchats - we love seeing what you’re up to.


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