Ian’s Through the Ages

Here’s a quick Ian’s Pizza primer for everyone who wants to know a tiny bit more about us than they did when they woke up today.

The first Ian’s Pizza by the Slice was opened by Ian (really, there is an Ian) on October 31, 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin on Frances Street (very near the University of Wisconsin, Madison). Ian opened s second location, on State Street in Madison near the Capitol, in July of 2006, and sold it to a longtime employee, Lexy Frautschy and his business partner Nick (Marty) Martin, in June 2008.

With more expansion in mind, Lexy sold his shares of Ian’s Pizza on State to Marty and moved to Milwaukee to open the first of two Ian’s Pizzas there – the first opened on January 1, 2010 on North Avenue, near Prospect, on Milwaukee’s East Side. A couple years later in the fall of 2012 he opened the second Milwaukee Ian’s Pizza, on Juneau Street near the Bradley Center in the Historic Third Ward.

Right now we are comprised of those four restaurants with a fifth opening soon in Denver, spearheaded by another longtime employee, Elliot Flax. Between all of our restaurants, we employ about 120 people.

All of our full-time employees get 100% paid health care, and 401k benefits with match. The only way we will grow our “franchise” is from within. If you demonstrate the skill and have the drive, you can work toward an ownership path. If you come in with a bucket full of cash, you’re out of luck (although you can buy a lot of pizza, along with some delicious salads and spectacular ice cream). We have a head chef who devises our recipes, and we put careful thought into our weekly and monthly specials, although it might look to the casual observer that we are just playing with our food. Well, we kind of are playing with our food, but doing it mindfully.

We try to buy local food as much as we possibly can, and many of the products we have (forks, knives, cups, salad to-go boxes, etc.) are environmentally-friendly and compostable or biodegradable. We utilize farmers’ markets both summer and winter, and partner with numerous local farmers to keep our produce lookin’ good and tasting great.

Mostly we just love good food, we love having fun, we love serving our regulars and our newbies, and we love what we do. We hope it shows. Thank you so much!


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