Ian’s Values

Here at Ian’s, we have a fanatical love for two things — Great Food and Great Service.

This is no accident on our part. We set out every day to serve each slice with our company values in mind. Too many companies write a mission statement or define values, only to have them hidden on their website.

We live our business and personal lives by these values every day. We take ours to heart, all six of them.


We champion entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • We make sound strategic decisions by listening, investigating, leveraging knowledge, and engaging our employees and guests.

  • We encourage our entrepreneurial spirits by creating, recognizing, and seizing opportunity.

  • We constantly push the boundaries of, and improve on, the food we serve.

We measure success by our collective and individual achievements.

  • We believe in the Triple Bottom Line model: People, Planet, and Profits.

  • We believe that a balanced structure at the top, strengthened by cooperative diplomacy, allows us to celebrate and ensure our individuality and independence.

We are self-aware, transparent, accountable, and act with integrity.

  • We are cognizant of the challenges and responsibilities of running a business and as such practice humility.

  • Our leaders are guided by the practice of servant leadership.

We are a force for good in our community.

  • The culture of our businesses is inspired by the soul of our staff and guests.

  • We believe in supporting our communities by creating mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, partners, and local providers.

  • We use our businesses as catalysts to increase the practice and awareness of environmental responsibility and social justice.

We strive to write a great final chapter.

  • Our goal is to continually strengthen our relationships and leave them better than we found them.
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