Instant Karma!

(It’s going to get you!)

This campaign is a perfect representation of everything I love about Ian’s. This company has always supported my abstract marketing ideas and through this, we created a project that allows us to encourage positive behavior in our community.

The Instant Karma campaign is a simple but potentially powerful project that I instituted at the beginning of 2015. The concept is that I give every employee three free slice cards with the “Instant Karma!” logo on the back. The mission I prompt them with is to give out these cards when they see someone perform a random act of kindness for a stranger.

I got to see it take off immediately. After the staff meeting where I explained the project and handed out the cards, a few of us headed to a nearby bar for some late night jazz. While out on the porch, a co-worker and I got into a conversation with a man who told us about how he gives out blankets and food to homeless people. After hearing his impressive story, my co-worker pulled out an Instant Karma card, explained it. and gave it to the man. The man’s exact words were, “Wow, I guess karma does exist!”

That was just the beginning — I’ve been told many other heartwarming stories resulting from this campaign:

A man who helped push an elderly lady’s car out of the snow.

A bus driver who waited for extra time at a stop because someone was running to catch it.

A security guard opening a building door for one of our delivery drivers so they could more efficiently do their job.

A comedian collecting money after a performance for his friend and fellow comedian who was diagnosed with cancer.

One that I personally gave out was to a man who held a light rail door open for a man running to catch it with his son.

All of these people did a random act of kindness for a stranger, expecting nothing in return, but instead ended up with a delicious free slice of pizza! My favorite part of the whole thing is when someone comes into the store to redeem their reward and I casually ask them how they got it. Then they get to take pride as they tell me the nice little act of kindness they did the other day.

The recipients of these cards are the people who make Denver such a great place to live and it gives me an incredible feeling to be able to literally hand them Instant Karma. I’m very excited to continue seeing the positivity that this campaign is creating. Keep doing good things, because Instant Karma is going to get you!



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