Breakfast is Back!

While Old Man Winter wasn’t too terrible this year, it still was cold, dark, and a little too long. But then we get the payoff — the first signs of spring! The days become longer, we’re able to start enjoying food and drinks outside, and you can’t ignore the color that starts to pop out of every tree and plant in sight. And of course, one of our favorite things about spring is the return of the Dane County Farmers’ Market! Not only do we get to add a lot of fresh produce to our menu, we also get to see so many new people.

You may remember last year during Farmers’ Market Saturdays we launched Ian’s Pizza Breakfast. Well, we had so much fun and got such positive feedback that we’re excited to announce that breakfast will be returning to our State Street location on Saturday, April 15. Doors will be opening at  8am and we’ll be serving breakfast each Dane County Farmers’ Market Saturday until 11am through November.

Our menu will be similar to last year’s menu and we’ll be continuing to offer the six most popular offerings: Denver Omelet, Meat Lovers, Sweet Potato & Kale, Huevos Rancheros, Mediterranean Delight, and a sweet Apple Cobbler. We’ll also be serving pre-made yogurt parfaits with mix-ins that include fresh fruit, granola, and berry compote.

We’ve also teamed up with Just Coffee Cooperative again this year and will be serving their coffee during each breakfast. The two brews will be their Arriba Breakfast Blend and Decaf Dark Roast. If coffee isn’t your thing we understand (well, kind of…) and we’ll have orange juice, apple juice, lemonade, and Purity Organic Super Juices on hand!


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