It’s a Sausage Fest!

Ian’s Pizza is committed to supporting local businesses and serving locally produced food whenever possible. This commitment meant we proudly served Italian sausage produced by Black Earth Meats in our Wisconsin stores for years. Unfortunately, that was not an option for us after Black Earth Meats closed their production facility in 2014. What were we to do?

In true Ian’s spirit, we challenged our mad scientists at the Ian’s Food Lab to come up with a new, house-made Italian sausage to feature on our pies. ​And, goodness, did they deliver on this challenge! Beginning this April, our Wisconsin stores will feature house-made Italian sausage and chorizo, made from locally-raised Berkshire hogs and a highly-classified spice blend. (We’d love to tell you about the spice blend, but then, you know, we’d have to kill you, and that’s just not good for business.)

If you’re going to serve great sausage, you’ve got to start with great meat. We source the pork used in our sausage from Uphoff Farm, located in Dunn, Wisconsin. Uphoff Farm specializes in raising Berkshire pigs, a pedigree breed, on land that has been used by the Uphoff family since the 1800’s. Their commitment to raising only the highest quality animals has enabled them to sell to customers as far away as Japan. Aren’t we lucky to have them in our own backyard?!?

Once the meat arrives at our Food Lab, we get down to work. Mixing the ground pork with spices that perfectly complement the meat, the final product is flavorful but won’t overwhelm other ingredients on the pizza. Once mixed, the sausage is put into a casing, made into links, and makes its way to the oven to be steam-cooked. After a final cut and package, Ian’s Pizza Italian sausage and chorizo is delivered to stores to be enjoyed by all!

So stop by your favorite Ian’s Pizza and give the new products a taste for yourself on a Sausage Penne Alfredo or Chipotle Sweet Potato slice. Then drop a note and tell us what you think — we would love to share the praise with the farmers and cooks who make your slice happen!

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