It’s All About the People

(The following is a letter from Sam, Ian’s Denver’s Finance/Office Manager.)

“It’s all about the people.” This phrase, spoken in the thick accent of my venture capital professor, continues to resonate in my skull from my final semester at college years later. Although he was lecturing about the strength of start up technology companies, it became quickly apparent to me that this lesson can be applied across many industries, and certainly in the world of restaurants, where I have found my professional home.

Once I graduated after that semester, I began what I thought was going to be a temporary gig at Ian’s Pizza until something else presented itself. Over the next three years I fell in love with not only my co-workers at Ian’s, but also the customers, business partners, and surrounding community of people. It was all those people involved that turned a post-undergrad temporary restaurant job into an incredible, life-changing journey.

Not often in life is one given a soapbox to stand on, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that have helped define my life. Family, friends, lovers, co-workers, bosses, teammates, peers, students, teachers, and even acquaintances, whether our experiences together include philosophic discussions until the sun rises, or simply a smile as we pass on the street, you have made an impact on me, probably more than you understand. Thank you. I love you all.

My final use of this temporary soapbox is to say hello to the people of the city of Denver and state of Colorado. The prospects of working and living in this new space, with new people, greatly excites me. Transplanting my Wisconsin roots to your mountain landscape will be challenging at times, I’m sure, but like all other difficult tasks, rewarding once accomplished. I hope you accept me with open arms and look forward to new memories that will be forged!

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