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At Ian’s Pizza, we constantly strive to find new ways to continue operating our business through our core values. Over the past nine months, the Denver and Ballpark Neighborhood communities have welcomed us with open arms, and for that we feel immensely grateful. One of our six core values at Ian’s Pizza reads, “We are a force of good in our community.” While we’ve already employed several strategies like donating to charitable events and our “Instant Karma” free slices, we’ve spent a great deal of time developing partnerships with the best local providers we can to ensure every pizza we make tastes great.

The term “eating local” gets thrown around a lot, but it’s important to understand the impacts of making the choice to support local food providers. Conventional ingredients can travel an average of 1,500-3,000 miles to reach their end destination, often requiring refrigeration and/or additional packaging. Local ingredients utilize far less resources to travel from the producer to our kitchen. Additionally, choosing to buy locally keeps money in the local economy. In 2009, TIME Magazine reported on a study conducted by the London-based New Economics Foundation. They found that when people purchased food from local sources, twice the money stayed in the community than if they had made those purchases at a supermarket. Keeping money local increases the local velocity of money as well, which means it will pass through more hands in the community, and benefit more people in the immediate area.

So, what are we doing about it? We’ve scoured the area and partnered with some fantastic local companies, while continuing to look for even more local goods. From our beverages to our pizza toppings, and even our salad bar, we’ve got a lot of Colorado-based options for you to choose from. Our chicken comes from Red Bird farms, our sausage and chorizo from Polidori Sausage, and our ham and bacon from Tender Belly. We also offer a selection of Colorado craft beers on tap and The Infinite Monkey Theorem wines by the glass. Even our energy drinks and green teas are local!

We’re especially excited about a new partnership with Golden Acre Farm. Located in Lakewood, they grow a diversified variety of fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers using organic growing methods. We’ll be sourcing various salad mix-ins and ingredients for pizza specials throughout the 2015 growing season. This partnership is especially exciting as it allows us to provide our customers with local, sustainable, in-season produce. So Denver, are you ready support your local food producers and eat through the seasons with us?

For more information about any of our local food providers, please visit their websites.

Golden Acre Farm –

Red Bird Farms –

Polidori Sausage –

Tender Belly –

The Infinite Monkey Theorem –

Xing Teas –

Bing –

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