I ♥️ Ian’s Pizza

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Violets are Blue

We sure are lucky

To have customers like you!

Sure, that poem is a little cheesy, but we’re a pizza joint so the cheesier the better – right?

With Valentine’s Day drawing nearer we started thinking about how we could show our special someone how much they mean to us. Suddenly something hit us — and for once it a wasn’t the flour & cornmeal mix from one of the cooks while they stretch dough. No, what hit us what the realization that we don’t have a Valentine for 2017!

We decided that we were going to find ourselves the perfect Valentine. “How?” you might ask. Well, we’re constantly being told how much people love us, so we’ve decided to launch the first “I ♥️  Ian’s Pizza – Love Letter Contest.”

The contest is pretty simple, really – just follow the link below and submit your love letter digitally and make sure to let us know why you love Ian’s Pizza. Then when February 14th rolls around we’ll sit down with a big slice of pizza and start reading. The letter that makes our heart go pitty-pat will be our Valentine.

So what does it mean to be our Valentine? Well, besides having the hottest date in town (our ovens burn at 500 degrees) we’ll have a prize package for our winner. The basket will include a $50 gift card from yours truly, a $50 gift card to our friends at Red Square Flowers, and a Valentine’s 9-Piece Chocolate Box from Red Elephant Chocolate.

Let us count the ways you love us… it will make our Valentine’s Day so much better, and one lucky person will have the cheesiest Valentine in town, plus some pretty awesome gifts!

We’ve Found our Valentine!

We’ve found our valentine! Collette from Madison is our winner and we thought we’d share her love letter with you all!

“Ian’s pizza, it is you that I love, you must’ve been sent from heaven up above. You’re chewy crust and toppings divine, have my mouth watering, the taste so sublime. Your Penne Alfredo and Portobello Pesto Blues are two of the slices I will always choose. Chipotle Sweet Potato and Buffalo Chicken are two spicy slices that are finger lickin. On the top of my list and always aimed to please are the Maui Wowie and good old Mac and Cheese. So, Happy Valentine’s Ian’s, My love, I hope you feel. Your pizza truly makes one lovable meal!”

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