Mac Madness

As the remaining few weeks of winter bear down on us, we ready our slices for our yearly pizza challenge: Mac Madness. They’ve bench pressed their toppings and curled their sauces all year, but now it’s time for these slices to flex their crusts and see who will be named Mac Madness Champion for 2014.

This month-long tournament pits our slices in head-to-head battles in a bracket-style tournament where the winners are picked by you. Last year, two vegetarian slices battled it out in the championship and the Guacamole Burrito barely edged out the Drunken Ravioli to be named 2013 Champion. Who will it be this year? Only you will be able to make that decision.

Now, if you’ve been following the news in 2014, you’ll know we revamped our menu a significant amount. So this year we’ll be making some of these new flavors face off against each other and find out which of these new flavors you like the most. We’ll also sprinkle in some of our favorite slices from our monthly specials menu. Look for new flavors like BBQ Smoked Brisket and Tots, Chipotle Sweet Potato, and Portabella Pesto Blues to give their best shot at glory in their inaugural year on our menu.

 We’re changing things up in another way as well. In the past we’ve had veggies face off against meats and vice versa, but this year we will be crowning a veggie champ and a meaty champ and then having them face off for the ultimate title in a heavyweight battle of champions. Head on over to our Facebook page and check out the matchups starting on March 1st. Leave your pick in the comments of each picture before the voting is closed and you’ll be able to help decide the fate of your favorite slice!

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