Mad Scientist Nights in Milwaukee

Calling All Mad Scientists

Coming up with unique flavors that define the character of Ian’s Pizza is one of the most exciting parts of the job. Sure, who doesn’t love biting into a solid slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza? But thinking of pizza flavors that are outside the norm is what we live for, especially for our employees who pour their heart and soul into making sure every last bite is as good as the one before. Plus, we honor our customers’ feedback and want to give you guys a chance to get involved, too! We wanted to let you in on a new promotion we will be featuring every month at our Milwaukee location; it’s called the Mad Scientist program. Here’s what you need to know.


Think Outside the Slice

One way for our staff to get involved is to think outside the slice. We encourage them to think beyond typical toppings and flavor combinations to come up with something truly fantastic for you to enjoy. Our Mad Scientist program will feature a new pizza flavor every month, and our food managers will pick the winner out of the submissions. And here’s the fun part! Submissions can come from both our staff and, that’s right, YOU! If you’ve always wanted to think of an Ian’s Pizza flavor, now’s your chance. Competition is stiff, so put your thinking caps on.

Enter by filling out our online survey, and keep in mind you can enter as many times as you want per month. New flavors will be featured on the first Wednesday and Thursday of the month, so make sure to mark those days on your monthly calendar. If you want to enter, make sure you submit your idea(s) by the second week of the previous month.


Winner, Winner, Ian’s Pizza Dinner

If your idea is chosen, a member of the Ian’s Pizza Milwaukee team will reach out to you and let you know. You’ll receive an awesome prize as well as a lifetime of bragging rights that you concocted an Ian’s Pizza flavor all on your own. Hit us with your best shot, our employees are up for the challenge!

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