Maren & Megan

Name: Maren Schultz & Megan Whitehouse


Maren – Stoughton, WI

Megan – Muskego, WI

Favorite Slice:

Maren – Tie between mac n’ cheese and the chicken bacon ranch

Megan – Mac n’ cheese with two ranches

Do you go to school here?:

Maren + Megan: Yes

What are you studying/favorite classes:

Maren – I’m studying kinesiology but I also really enjoy art classes and my hip hop class.

Megan – Retail; my favorite class is art

Where do you work?:

Maren – I work summers lifeguarding at Maple Bluff Country Club.

Megan – Lake Vista Cafe

Anything else that you are involved with in the community (organizations, sports teams, hobbies, volunteer work, etc):

Maren – I’m on the Women’s Rowing team. I volunteer at schools around Madison. Hobbies include Grey’s Anatomy and eating.

Megan – I’m on the Women’s Rowing team as well and am involved in Badgers Give Back. Hobbies include Netflix and chilling. And eating.

Unique talents?:

Maren – I can think of a song to go with almost any topic of conversation.

Megan – I can crack an apple in half with my head.

Why you love Ian’s/Any favorite Ian’s stories:

Maren – The variety is so great! There’s always something new to try and I love the big sized slices.

Megan – One time Maren had a bloody nose in the Men’s bathroom (I cleaned it all up don’t worry)

What makes you the best Ian’s fanatic:  

Maren – I have probably eaten my weight in Ian’s pizza this year and I’m not ashamed.

Megan – I have a craving for Ian’s that never subsides. I would eat Ian’s every day if I wasn’t a poor college student!

Anything else you’d like to share about Ian’s or yourself:

Megan –  I’d just like to thank Maren Schultz, my best friend and pizza buddy forever, for always being down to go get pizza with me.

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