Name: Mark Fairchild

Hometown: Platteville, WI

School: Didn’t go to Madison, but have lived in Madison for almost 10 years and been an Ian’s fan ever since.

Favorite Slice: Maui Wowie

Studies: I studied music and music education in college.

Work: I’m self employed as a musician and D.J.

Community: I volunteer regularly at the Ronald McDonald House and am on the board for Make Music Madison.
Unique Talents: Probably NSFW to share.

Ian’s Stories: Love going to Ian’s before U.W. Basketball games with my son.  He’s a big fan of the Pepperoni slice.

What makes you an Ian’s Fanatic: I’ve met several Ian’s employees and consider some of them my friends, don’t worry they all work at the State Street location so there is no nepotism.  This past year I was able to play with my band at Ian’s Stock and was the D.J. at several Ian’s employees weddings.  I should probably get a job at Ian’s.

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