Name: Miles Kull
Hometown: Kenosha, WI
Favorite Slice: Smokey the Bandit!!!
School: I’ll be attending MATC in the fall
Studying: Electrical Engineering
Work: Wisconsin Aviation
Hobbies, etc: Flying. Yes, like real airplanes. I LOVE music, all music. You can probably catch me at Strictly Discs (record store) or your local show.
Talents:  I cook a good bowl of cereal. My ramen noodles are on point too.
Favorite Ian’s story: My good friend Becca and I drove an hour at like 1am to come to Ian’s.
What makes me the best Ian’s fanatic?!: I’ve had everything on the menu at least twice! IAN’S IS THE BOMBEST PIZZA JOINT IN MADISON YO!!
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