We love the Milwaukee vegan community

MKE Delivers for the Vegan Community

Milwaukee Vegan Community

For all of the people who think the best way to keep milk fresh is to keep it in the cow, Ian’s Pizza has your back. Just because you’re part of the vegan community doesn’t mean you have to settle for a diet composed of limp lettuce and mediocre veggies. Salads should be your appetizer, not what you’re forced to eat for every meal. With that being said, we believe all foodies should be able to enjoy our entire menu, including our pizza, regardless of any dietary beliefs. Better yet, they should do so without being judged or stereotyped.

As all vegans know, fresh veggies are crucial to a happy tummy. It’s not always easy finding farms that can support enough product for a high-functioning company like ours. Straight from local farmers directly onto your plate, our ingredients are as fresh as they are delicious. This is something on which we pride ourselves. Take away the fresh, local ingredients and we’d be “just another pizza joint.”

This Stuff is Good

But just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you need simple. Veggies straight from the ground? Great! Combined with other vegan ingredients to make flavors like Chipotle Sweet Potato and BBQ Chicken Pineapple? Even better! And yes, that chicken is not a typo. We pride ourselves on finding the best meat substitutions Wisconsin has to offer, even if that means they aren’t sold in stores. Another favorite is the Gyro. The star of the slice is “meat” from Uptons Naturals that’s seasoned to perfection. It’s combined with creamy tzatziki, fresh tomatoes and onions. Even non-vegans can attest: this stuff is good.

The vegan community of Milwaukee asked, and we listened. In the past, vegan slices were only available two nights a week at each of our Milwaukee locations. But starting last in January 2017, we started making vegan offerings a core part of our menu and we haven’t looked back. You can find vegan options in both of our Milwaukee locations seven days a week. Vegan, vegetarian and everything in-between, Ian’s Pizza has an option for everyone to enjoy.

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