6 Tips to a Happy Move

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year — Madison moving week(end)! We know, we know, we’ve been there before too.

While we hope you’re ahead of the game, here are some last minute life lessons from some of our staff who have had the pleasure of moving in the past.

Label clearly – Organize your boxes and label them! Mark them “Fragile” if they contain breakables. Put things you’re going to need to use immediately all in one box or a clear plastic bin and make sure that box is readily available.

Call internet/cable providers ASAP – Everyone is going to be trying to get their internet and cable set up at the same time, which of course results in long wait times to get your services connected. If you don’t want to go a week without the internet, make sure to call your service provider as soon as possible and schedule an appointment.

Pack wisely – Use your clothing to wrap glassware and other kitchen items… it’s free, and works great to protect your fragile items. Pack all your boxes as solidly as possible to ensure that items don’t jostle around and break during the move. Pack heavy items into smaller boxes or on the bottom of larger boxes to make carrying easier.

Hippie Christmas – Some people will throw everything out and just start anew. Keep a lookout on the curb for those key items you’re missing for your new apt. – one man’s trash is another man’s (or woman’s) treasure.

Clean and document – If you want your security deposit back (and who doesn’t?!) make sure you follow your apartment owner’s move-out instructions and clean your apartment to the best of your ability. If you need to document any issues, take photos and/or take detailed notes. If you need to dispute any differences your evidence will be helpful in pleading your case.

Stay hydrated and well fed – Sometimes you’re so busy doing last minute cleaning and packing that you forget to breathe… much less drink water and eat food. Keep water bottles handy, and while having a celebratory beer or three might seem like a good idea, be sure you’ve had your share of non-alcoholic liquid to make up for it.

We also realize that you might have your kitchen all boxed up and you might not have thought about your next meal. May we suggest…Pizza! Order online at ianspizza.com over the next week with the Promo Code MOVE to get a free slice of Mac n’ Cheese pizza with any order over $15.00. That one extra slice might just save you from certain exhaustion and disaster.


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