MSOE Raider of the Week!

Ian’s Pizza Cream City is working together with Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Athletic Department to bring you the Ian’s Pizza Raider of the Week! This is something that MSOE does to help recognize their student athletes every week.

What it entails is a simple biography of the athlete, as well as a discussion of their recent accomplishments, whether it be in specific games/matches or in their chosen sport as a whole.

By reading about MSOE’s Raider of the Week, you can receive an extra punch on your punch card — as you pay for your slice(s) you just have to say “This week’s Raider of the Week is…” and we will give you an extra punch. It is that simple!

This is much like our program of bringing in your box to help us recycle. And YES, if your bring in your box AND tell us the Ian’s Pizza Raider of the Week then you would get TWO free punches (with purchase).

How awesome is this? Now there are two ways to get you THAT much closer to a free slice of delicious pizza!

Where can you find the Raider of the Week, you ask? Well, it’s as simple as going to The Raider of the Week is in the lower right side of the main banner, along with the Raider’s photo and write-up. We hope you take advantage of this great partnership we have with MSOE and we hope to see you soon when you come in and grab a slice!

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