Name: Nathan Stack

Hometown: Brookfield, Wisconsin

Favorite Slice: Reuben or Quesadilla Taco

Do you go to school here?: Yes

What school do you go to?: University Wisconsin Madison

What are you studying/favorite classes: Microbiology

Anything else that you are involved with in the community (organizations, sports teams, hobbies, volunteer work, etc): Bridges (welcoming international students to UWM) and Badger Pre-Health Volunteering

Hobbies, activities, rec sports, etc. : I like swimming

Unique talents?: I can whistle and hum at the same time???

Why you love Ian’s/favorite Ian’s stories: My friend and I went to Ian’s after every Chem lab last year to restore our faith in humanity and eat delicious pizza – Ian’s helped us through some dark times after messing up at lab.

What makes you the best Ian’s fanatic: Because molten cheese flows through my veins.


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