New Pizzas for 2014!

Smoker engaged.
Ovens loaded.
Salads prepared.
Specials on standby.

This is the voyage of Ian’s 2014 menu launch. Our ongoing mission is to explore bigger flavors, fresher products, and new recipes…To boldly go where no pizza menu has gone before.

Utilizing the same creative discipline that brought you our time-honored Mac n’ Cheese slice, we’re proud to introduce new Signature Pizzas to our 2014 menu. We let our mad-pizza-scientists run wild over the past year, at our Pizza Lab, brewing up all sorts of new concoctions for your tastebuds. Incorporating new toppings like Mexican-style chorizo, smoked meats, rich sweet potatoes, spicy chipotle cream, pico de gallo, and fresh herbs, these new flavors are sure to tickle both vegetarians and meat-etarians alike.

A new smoker has given our mad-food-scientists a new outlook on flavor. They’ve taken the traditional BBQ Steak & Fries to a whole new level, topping it with smoked brisket, plump tater tots, and our classic Ian’s BBQ sauce. This brisket is a true labor of love, seasoned with a highly classified dry rub and slow smoked for hours until supremely tender. The Brisket and Tots slice should be required eating for all!

Two new additions to our Signature menu were heavily tested as past specials. Not just for vegetarians, these two veggie pies are big on flavor.

  • The Portobello Pesto Blues features our hearty portobello mushrooms and housemade pesto with sauteed spinach and creamy bleu cheese.

  • The Salad Pizza is as delicious as it is handsome! Roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, artichokes, red onion, and tomato top a bed of fresh spinach and mozzarella, only to be finished with parmesan and a drizzle of balsamic.

The new Chipotle Sweet Potato is really a combination of all that is right in the world. Beginning with a base of smoky, spicy chipotle creme, this pizza is hit with roasted sweet potatoes and your choice of chorizo or roasted veggies. The combination of smoky, spicy flavors with creamy rich textures is a perfect match.

In Ian’s ongoing effort to support local, we’ve partnered with Checo’s Foods for our Mexican-style chorizo. Specializing in traditional Mexican food, we knew they could deliver the classic spicy, smoky sausage we were looking for and they didn’t let us down.

We do understand that change can be hard. While we are pumped about the new products and recipes we’re able to offer you this year, we can appreciate that you might be missing an old go-to slice. Have no fear! We’ve made sure some old favorites have found a place on our Monthly Specials menu, giving you the best of both worlds — the adventure of finding new favorites and looking forward to seeing an old faithful friend.

As always, we want to know your feedback. Our menu is ever evolving and we’re always looking to tweak our flavors to be the best they can be. If you have any feedback for us, please email us at [email protected]

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