New Salads for 2014!

It's alive!! The 2014 Ian's Salad Menu is alive... (or once was)!

Our mad-food-scientists have spent 2013 hard at work in our food lab. We gave them the challenge and they have chopped… sauteed… smoked… tasted… and tested endlessly, delivering bigger flavors, fresher products, and new salad recipes.

As our salad bar continues to grow in its popularity, we are continually challenged with delivering fresh, seasonal, creative salads to quench your appetite. Plus, we like to mess around in the kitchen so we figured this was a perfect excuse.

Modest changes to our signature salads guarantee we're still offering classic choices. The Mediterranean, an Ian’s classic, has been trumped up with the addition of our Roasted Red Pepper dressing. Check out the Wisco, featuring our famous Maple Balsamic dressing paired with apples, bleu cheese, craisins, bacon, and housemade spicy pecans. Available every day, this is a tried and true Midwesterners’ salad.

In order to showcase the best, our featured salads will begin to rotate with the changing of the seasons. Our mad scientists have created two features for each season, highlighting not only seasonal ingredients, but also a specialty dressing to complement all flavors.  A melon-jicama salad, smoked vegetables, and a Korean influenced Gochujang dressing are just a few items we’ll be throwing at you this year. You can expect your salad journey to boldly go where it hasn’t gone before.

If you are missing a dressing that happened to be an old favorite, check out our rotating seasonal features. We've done our best to include past favorites throughout the year, giving you something to look forward to.

As always, we want to know your feedback. Our menu is ever evolving and we're always looking to tweak our flavors to be the best they can be. If you have any feedback for us, please email us at


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