New Za! More Veggies

New Year, New ‘Za Flavors!

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to incorporate more veggies into your diet, Ian’s Pizza has your back. This year, we are rolling out two new fabulous slice flavors that we think everyone will love! Both of the new pies are vegetarian, so you’ll be able to enjoy #MeatlessMonday any day of the week! And yes, meat lovers, we promise you will love these slices, too!

Here’s what we’re cookin’ up in our kitchen:

All the Veg

When we say all the veg, we mean All. The. Veg. It’s as if we source the vegetables locally from farmers in the Madison area. Oh wait, that’s exactly what we do! On this slice, we use mozzarella cheese, cacciatore tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, artichokes, and black olives. We do the leg work for you so you are able to enjoy some of the finest ingredients local farmers have to offer. Plus, with a simple cheese swap, this slice can be made vegan as well!


This slice is as Italian and delicious as it sounds. Mozzarella cheese, cacciatore tomatoes, sauteed greens, and feta cheese. All veggies are sourced locally from some pretty awesome farmers.

In 2019, our team at Ian’s Pizza will continue to roll out some of the best, freshest and most unique slice flavors you’ve seen! All while utilizing fresh ingredients. Stop by either our Frances Street or State Street locations to try these new signature flavors for yourself.

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