Nutritional Information

“Can I get the nutritional information on your (pizza/salad/breadsticks/etc.)?”

We get asked this a lot, and unfortunately the answer is, “Sorry, not really.”

Not because we don’t care – we do! We’re very appreciative that people want to know about the food they are putting into their bodies; that’s a good thing to pay attention to. But the reality is, we are a small company, nutritional analysis costs tens of thousands of dollars, and we don’t precisely measure/weigh everything that goes into our food anyway. We kind of eyeball it, if you want to know the truth, and encourage our cooks to make the food look beautiful while not stressing themselves out by requiring them to weigh every ingredient to-the-gram in the name of profits.

If you are trying to count your caloric intake we can point you in the right direction, even if we can’t give you actual numbers. Dieters probably shouldn’t order a slice that is all about the cheese (hello, mac n’ cheese!), one that showcases our house-made ranch dressing (there’s a reason our ranch is so astonishingly good – it’s made with full-flavor ingredients like cream and real mayonnaise…), or lots of meat (personally, if pepperoni were a person I would marry it). Instead, go for a veggie-heavy slice like the Florentine, and don’t forget we also have delicious salads with healthy grilled chicken and dressing on the side (a little ranch never hurt anyone!).

Perhaps a different way to focus on diet is to make sure the bulk of your food is made from scratch. Try to stay away from highly processed/pre-made/pre-packaged meals marketed in the name of convenience; fresh fruit & vegetables are by their very nature extremely convenient.

Of course, a slice from Ian’s with made-from-scratch ingredients and heated to perfection in two minutes is also convenient. We’re just sayin’…

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