Ode to the Late Night

Oh how the night flew

Brought me to Ian’s at 2

Every slice looks amazing

And soon I’ll be grazing

Once this transaction is through

Oh the night was so fun

Now the bar run is done

I need a quick mac and cheese

Then I shall sleep with ease

And wake up to enjoy the sun

Oh that first bite

On this glorious night

With the music enhancing

And half the staff dancing

I start to think “this place is tight”

Oh the flavor is so great

Even in my inebriated state

The taste profile is absurd

And all my friends concurred

That it was a slice of heaven we just ate

Oh now to go off to bed

But leaving I dread

This place is sublime

Even well after bartime

“Let’s stay a bit longer” my friends said

So we stayed with the crowd

Where the music was loud

We kept the night jumpin’

And the place just kept bumpin’

Ian himself would be proud

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