Our New Van

Fresh Ingredients Arriving Daily

If you need dinner, you want to find a restaurant with fresh ingredients when you type in, ‘pizza near me’. When you come into an Ian’s, you see the results of many behind-the-scenes visits from a wide variety of vendors. We receive deliveries from local farms dropping off fresh produce. Beverage trucks bring in soda, tea, and juice. We have to find a place to store the thousands of pizza boxes that we use every month. Some of our best stuff comes by special delivery from our very own Ian’s Food Lab on the east side of Madison.

The Food Lab

The Food Lab is what we call our commissary kitchen. It’s where a lot of our food prep magic happens. Since our individual restaurant kitchens are limited in size we rely heavily on the Lab to handle a large portion of our prep work. In addition to other things they: grill fresh chicken breast, mix house-made dressings, prepare bacon, smoke brisket, bake our tasty puppy chow, and even make our sausage — from scratch! The Food Lab cooks for all four locations in Wisconsin, so the amount of food they are responsible for requires multiple deliveries each week.

Big Changes

As all of our restaurants have grown, naturally the size of the deliveries has also grown. Recently we reached a point where a much bigger delivery vehicle was necessary. We took the plunge and purchased a 2015 Ford Transit 2500 Cargo Van. Since cold food needs to stay cold (hello food safety!) we also had a refrigerator unit installed. It is by far the largest vehicle we’ve ever owned.

Fun With Design

Given its size, we figured it only made sense to have some fun with the look. I mean, we had over 400 sq. feet of blank white space to fill — you better believe that got our design team pretty excited! We went through a bunch of concept ideas with our friends at With Gusto, debating a space theme and a rocket ship illustration among others. Ultimately we combined pizza ingredients with our classic cityscape and ended up so, so happy with the result.

(BIG shout-out to the crew at MadWraps for doing such a great job on applying the wrap. Honestly, can you imagine? We have a hard enough time putting a screen protector on a phone.)

So when you see us driving by — and you’ll definitely see us coming! — give a wave in true Midwestern fashion and know that we are cooking and transporting all the freshly-made ingredients that you’ll be enjoying on a salad or a slice later that day. Cheers!


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